Ceramic Group Services


Ceramic’s Litigation Platform brings together plaintiffs, funders and law firms in a marketplace for competitive bidding on litigation claims, litigation funding, and other finance opportunities. Plaintiffs can make a funding application to be considered by the Panel of Funders, obtain bids from interested funders, and pursue a funding agreement with their funder of choice. Plaintiffs can also obtain competitive bids from law firms for the legal services retainer in relation to litigation claims.

The Platform provides evidence of open-market participation in determining the appropriate costs of funding and the provision of legal services for litigation claims. This mitigates many issues that arise in obtaining common fund orders, settlement approval, and completing class actions. Individual plaintiffs can access the Panel of Funders and Law Firms to achieve competitive funding rates and legal costs for their claim. By obtaining market bids for funding and legal services, insolvency practitioners and corporations can demonstrate to creditors and shareholders that the decision to pursue litigation and obtain funding is appropriate.

Ceramic has no direct affiliation with any of the funders or law firms on the Panel. All applications can be assessed by each of the funders and law firms on the Panel. No preference is given to any particular funder or law firm.


Litigation Management

Ceramic provides a litigation management service to analyse and manage legal services for complex litigation. Utilising our team’s breadth of experience in litigation management we are able to provide strategic management and planning services to create an efficient and streamlined litigation management platform.

We have a proven track record of successfully managing large complex litigation. Our team has deep knowledge and experience in litigation management of large complex class actions, insolvency matters, arbitrations and general commercial claims.